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What does it mean to be a New Jersey Italian ? To what do We attribute our successes?, New Jersey Italians are shaped by strong family values, an intense work ethic, and a deep appreciation for education.

In the 2000 U.S. Census, Italian Americans constituted the fifth largest ancestry group in America with about 15.6 million people (5.6% of the total U.S. population). Sicilian Americans are a subset of numerous Americans of regional Italian ancestries. As of 2006, the Italian-American population climbed to 17.8 million persons constituting 6 percent of the population. It is also important to note that eighty-percent of Italian Americans have Southern Italian ancestry, while the remaining twenty-percent come from the north.


New Jersey 1,590,225


New Jersey approximately 18%

US communities with high percentages of people of Italian ancestry

Hammonton, New Jersey 47%

Totowa, New Jersey 38%

Fairfield Township (Essex County), New Jersey 37%

South Hackensack, New Jersey 36%

Nutley Township, New Jersey 36%

East Hanover Township, New Jersey 36%

Woodland Park, New Jersey 34%

Lyndhurst Township, New Jersey 34%

Buena, New Jersey 33%

US communities with high percentages of people born in Italy

Woodland Park, New Jersey 6.8%

Raritan, New Jersey 4.9%

Totowa, New Jersey 4.8%

Kenilworth, New Jersey 4.4%

Carlstadt, New Jersey 4.0%

Moonachie, New Jersey 4.0%

New Jersey Italians is a social network and Group of Italians and Italiophiles in New Jersey, and also New Jersey Italians Around the Globe promoting Italian Culture, Heritage, Events, Language and Food.

Italians, Italian-Americans, New Jersey Italians, Italian Food and Culture Enthusiasts and Italian Lovers living in:

Trenton,Salem, Atlantic City, Jersey City, Asbury Park, Union City, Newark, Elizabeth, Cape May, Vernon, Newton, Stanton, Paterson, Lakehurst, Penns Grove, New Brunswick, Bridgeton, Marlboro, Peterson, South Jersey shore, Ocean City, Princeton, Hammonton.

This is your group, and your place to come and show your New Jersey Italian Pride!!!!

This is a group where New Jersey Italians can talk about, and be proud of their culture.

This club is designed to unite New Jersey Italians on facebook and those who appreciate our culture. Talk about the old country, our traditions, values, food, New Jersey Italian Culture and Traditions and Values or whatever you want to talk about that is New Jersey Italian. Please feel free to post any comments or suggestions on the wall and post pictures as well...CIAO

This Group is designed to unite New Jersey Italians World Wide.

New Jersey Italians greatest wealth is its people: the charming New Jersey Italians that seem to know how to do everything bigger and better. we love our food, our families, our music and our and heritage. We exude confidence, charisma and hospitality. Venice has its canals, Rome its Coliseum, Florence its heritage of art, but the best thing we have shown the world is our New Jersey Italian Pride.

Truly we are like no other people in the world, and we have spanned the World to share our heritage and culture with everyone

Italians in History:

Italian ranging from Sports, Music to Politics.

The Very Beautiful and Talented
Olympic Medalist Gymnast Alicia Sacramone.

*Joe Montana considered the greatest QB in NFL History
*Dan Marino QB of the Miami Dolphins,
*Tedy Bruschi All-Star Linebacker of the Patriots
*Vince Lombardi- One of the Best NFL Coaches
*Adam Vinatieri Best Clutch Kicker of All Time
*Dustin Pedroia-Just recent AL MVP 2nd Baseman of the Red Sox
*Yogi Berra 1946-1965 Catcher
*Joe Girardi 1989-2003 Catcher
*Phil Lombardi 1986-1989 Catcher
*Mike Piazza 1992-2007 Catcher
*Mike Scioscia 1980-1992 Catcher
*Joe Torre 1960-1977 Catcher
*Terry Francona 1981-1990 First Base
*Jason Giambi 1995-Present First Base
*Frank Torre 1956-1963 First Base
*Rocco Baldelli 2003-Present Outfielder
*Dom DiMaggio 1940-1953 Outfielder
*Joe DiMaggio 1936-1951 Outfielder
*Vince DiMaggio 1937-1946 Outfielder
*Tito Francona 1956-1970 Outfielder
*Jeremy Giambi 1998-2005 Outfielder
*Pete Falcone 1975-1984 Pitcher
*Tom Lasorda 1954-1956 Pitcher
*Mike Mussina 1991-Present Pitcher
*Andy Pettitte 1995-Present Pitcher
*Barry Zito 2000-Present Pitcher
*Phil Rizzuto 1941-1956 Shortstop
*Tony LaRussa Manager/Coach
*Tommy Lasorda Manager/Coach
*Mike Scioscia Manager/Coach
*Joe Torre Manager/Coach
*Terry Francona Manager of the Boston Red Sox
*How could we forget Joe DiMaggio,
*Jason Kapono- Member of the 2006 Miami Heat Champion Squad, Back-to-Back 3-point contest winner.
*Mike D'Antoni coach of the NY Knicks
*Mario Andretti
*Vinny Testaverde
*Joe Andreuzzi
*Lyle Alzado
*Brian Piccolo
*Tony Siragusa
*The Gramatica brothers
*Tony Lazzera-Yankees/Murderers Row 1920s
*Carl Pavano
*Ron Santo
*Mark Derosa
*Paul Loduca
*Roy Campanella
*Jake LaMotta- nicknamed the"Bronx Bull" Middleweight Champ
*Rocky Marciano- (87.8% Knockout Rate) how dominant was he, Heavyweight Champ
*Joey Giardello Middleweight Champ
*Ray Mancini Lightweight Champ
*Vinny Pazienza Lightweight Champ
*Willie Pastrano Light Heavyweight Champ
*Primo Carnera Heavyweight Champ
*Phil Terranova Featherweight Champ
*Rocky Graziano Middlewiehgt Champ
*Paul Spadafora Lightweight Champ
*Arturo Gatti Lightweight Champ
*Marty Servo Middleweight Champ
*Carmen Basilio Middleweight Champ
*Tony Demarco Welterweight Champ
*Paddy Demarco Lightweight Champ
*Nino Benvenutti Welterweight Champ
*Tony Canzoneri Lightweight Champ
*Johny Lira Welterweight Champ
*Paulie Malignaggi Welterweight Champ
*Joe Calzaghe Light Heavyweight Champ
*Willie Pep Feathweight Champ AKA Guglielmo Pepaleo
*Sammy Angot Welterweight Champ AKA Sammy Angotti
*Joey Maxim Light Heavyweight Champ AKA Giuseppe Massimillo
*Tom Gugliotta- A Great Player when in his prime.
*Manu Ginobili-Yes he's from Argentina but noneless Italian
*Andres Nocioni-Same Thing
*Andrea Bargnani
*Marco Belinelli

*Now to Actors and Actresses:*

*Robert De Niro- Defines the word Legend
*Al Pacino- Most Famous for starting in The Godfather, what a Legend also.
*Marlon Brando- Possibly the greatest Italian Actor beside Robert De Niro.
*Ray Liotta- Just a really Great actor, Groundbreaking performance in "Goodfellas"
*Chazz Palminteri- The Legend behind "A Bronx Tale"
*Joe Pesci- One of the best Gangster actors.
*Sylvester Stallone- The Italian Stallion
*Ralph Macchio- Famous for starring in The Karate Kid & My Cousin Vinny
*Paul Sorvino- Boss in Goodfellas
*James Gandolfini- Better known as Tony Soprano
*Leonardo DiCaprio- Groundbreaking Performance in The Departed
*Nicholas Coppola AKA Nicholas Cage- Nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and not to mention one Good Actor.
*John Travolta- Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction,
*Danny Devito
*Lorraine Bracco- Famous for starring in Goodfellas and The Sopranos
*Edie Falco- Wife Of Tony Soprano
*Michael Imperioli- Christopher in the Sopranos
*Dominic Chianese- "Junior"
*Steven Lento AKA Steven Van Zandt- Silvio
*Lou Ferrigno- Played the Hulk in the old TV series
*Tony Sirico- Its Paulie "Walnuts"himself
*Federico Castelluccio- plays Furio Giunta in the Sopranos
*Scott Baio- has star in Happy Days and Charles in Charge. Famous for being Chachi "wah wah wah"
*Vincent Pastore- The Sopranos
*Joe Pantoliano
*Vincent Curatola
*Frank Vincent- Been in most movies with DeNiro and Pesci
*John Ventimiglia
*Frank Sinatra
*Danny DeVito
*Joseph D'Onofrio-"Slick" in Bronx Tale
*Vincent D'Onofrio
*Steve Buscemi
*Marisa Tomei
*Téa Leoni
*Monica Bellucci
*Maria Grazia Cuccinotta
*Alyssa Milano
*Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
*Drea de Matteo- Adrianna in The Sopranos
*Gianni Russo- Plays Carlo in the Godfather
*Leah Remini- Plays Carrie in the show King of Queens
*John Turturro
*Sophia Loren
*Roberto Benigni
*Rodolfo Valentino
* Louis Francis Cristilli AKA Lou Costello


*Kelly Monaco Playmate/Actress
*Carmella Decesare Playmate of the year
*Kara Monaco Playmate of the year
*Donna D'Errico Playmate/Actess
*Alesandra Ambrossio Model
*Sara Varone T.V. host/Model
*Monica Bellucci Model/Actress

*A Special Tribute to The 2006
Italian National Soccer Team:*

Marcello Lippi- Coach of the Dream Team
*1 GK Gianluigi Buffon
*2 DF Cristian Zaccardo
*3 DF Fabio Grosso
*4 MF Daniele De Rossi
*5 DF Fabio Cannavaro
*6 DF Andrea Barzagli
*7 FW Alessandro Del Piero
*8 MF Gennaro Gattuso
*9 FW Luca Toni
*10 FW Francesco Totti
*11 FW Alberto Gilardino
*12 GK Angelo Peruzzi
*13 DF Alessandro Nesta
*14 GK Marco Amelia
*15 FW Vincenzo Iaquinta
*16 MF Mauro Camoranesi
*17 MF Simone Barone
*18 FW Filippo Inzaghi
*19 DF Gianluca Zambrotta
*20 MF Simone Perrotta
*21 MF Andrea Pirlo
*22 DF Massimo Oddo
*23 DF Marco Materazzi


*Martin Scorsese- My Personal Favorite Director, Scorsese's body of work addresses such themes as Italian American identity, Roman Catholic concepts of guilt and redemption, machismo, and violence. Scorsese is widely considered to be one of the most significant and influential American filmmakers of his era, directing landmark films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfellas; all of which he collaborated on with actor Robert De Niro. He won the Academy Award for "Best Director" for The Departed and earned an MFA in film directing from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts.

*Francis Ford Coppola- Without him there would be NO Godfather!- is a five-time Academy Award-winning American film director, producer and screenwriter.

*David DeCesare- Better known as David Chase and responsible for the Sopranos.

*Quentin Tarantino- He rose to fame in the early 1990s as an independent filmmaker whose films used nonlinear storylines and aestheticization of violence, PULP FICTION

*Don Mancini- He's best known for creating the character of Chucky, and writing all of the films in the Child's Play series.

*Brian de Palma- he is probably best known for his suspense and thriller films, including such box office successes as Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Scarface, The Untouchables, and Mission: Impossible.

*Frank Capra- A major creative force behind a number of highly popular films of the 1930s and 1940s, including It's a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

*Jon Favreau- He is best known for appearing in films including Rudy and Swingers, as well as directing Iron Man.

*D. J. Caruso- Directed the films Disturbia, Two for the Money, Taking Lives, The Salton Sea, and Eagle Eye. He has also directed television episodes for shows such as The Shield, Over There, Smallville, Dark Angel

*Joseph Barbera- is an animator, cartoon artist, storyboard artist, director, producer and co-founder, together with William Hanna of Hanna-Barbera (now known as Cartoon Network Studios). The studio produced well-known cartoons such as The Huckleberry Hound Show, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Scooby-Doo.

*Steve Buscemi
*Federico Fellini


*Frank Sinatra- What an Icon he was!
*Anthony Dominick Benedetto AKA Tony Bennet- Another Legend but will never top Frankie.
*Dino Paul Crocetti AKA Dean Martin- What more do I have say!
*Luciano Pavarotti- Simply one of the Best
*Andrea Bocelli- Still a legend to this day, Just as great as Luciano Pavarotti.
*Tony Iommi- Considered the Godfather of Heavy Metal, Guitarist of Black Sabbath.
*Ronnie James Dio - Frontman of Black Sabbath
*Steven Victor Tallarico AKA Steven Tyler- frontman of Aerosmith
*John Francis Bongiovi Jr. better known as Jon Bon Jovi.
*Richie Sambora - Lead Guitar player of Bon Jovi
*Carmine Coppola- Father of Francis Ford Coppola and Composer of the Godfather Trilogy
*Frank Zappa- was a composer, guitarist, singer and satirist. In his 33-year musical career, Zappa proved to be one of the most prolific musicians ever, releasing over 60 albums during his life.
*Tommy Mottola- is an Italian-American who is music executive co-owner of Casablanca Records in a joint venture with the Universal Music Group, He headed Sony Music Entertainment, parent of the Columbia label, for nearly 15 years.
*The Four Seaons- Frankie Valli, Nick Masi, Tommy Divito, Bob Gaudio
*Dion and the Belmonts- Dion DiMucci, Carlo Mastrangelo, Freddie Milano, and Angelo D'Aleo
*Louis Prima
*Gwen Stefani
*The Rascals- Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigatti and Dino Danelli
*Jerry Vale
*Lou Monte
*Tommy Larossa
*Vic Damone
*Al Martino
*Nancy Sinatra
*Enrico Carusso
*Madonna Ciccone AKA Madonna
*Phil Anselmo- Frontman of the band Pantera
*Ludovico Einaudi- One of the BEST Composer's of today.
*Giorgio Moroder- Author of The Scarface Soundtrack
*Ennio Morricone- Author of the Once Upon a Time in America.
*Benny Benassi
*Mauro Picotto
*Federico Franchi
*Nick Terranova of the Starkillers
*Gigi D'Agostino
*Danny Tanaglia
*Steve Angello
*Sebastian Ingrosso
*Lhasa AKA Maurizio Braccagni
*Black Box/Daniele Davoli, Valerio Semplici, Mirko Limoni
*Michael Giacchino


*Giovanni de' Medici- Pope Leo X-He is known primarily for the sale of indulgences to reconstruct St. Peter's Basilica
officially known in Italy as the Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano and his challenging of Martin Luther
The Disputation of Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences, known as the 95 Theses, He was the second son of Lorenzo de' Medici- 1513- 1 December 1521

*Giulio di Giuliano de' Medici- Pope Clement VII- was a cardinal from 1513 to 1523 and was Pope from 1523 to 1534. Cousin of Giovanni de' Medici

*Ugo Boncompagni- Pope Gregory XIII- best known for his reformation of the calendar, producing the Gregorian calendar with the aid of Jesuit priest/astronomer Christopher Clavius. was first proposed by the Calabrian doctor Aloysius Lilius.The reason for the reform is that the average length of the year in the Julian Calendar was too long, and the date of the actual Vernal Equinox had slowly slipped to March 10, whereas the computus (calculation) of the Easter date of Easter still followed the traditional date of March 21. His legal brilliance and management abilities meant that he was able to respond and deal with the major problems quickly and decisively- 13 May 1572- 10 April 1585

*Count Giovanni- Pope Pius IX-Longest serving Pope in History-16 June 1846 - 7 February 1878

*Gioacchino Pecci- Pope Leo XIII- 20 February 1878
20 July 1903

*Giacomo Della- Pope Benedict XV- Credited for intervening for peace during World War I. He is remembered by Pope Benedict XVI as "prophet of peace."-3 September 1914 - 22 January 1922

*Achille Ambrogio/Damiano Ratti- Pope Pius XI- Signed the Lateran Treaty with Italy, establishing the Vatican City as a sovereign state.- 6 February 1922 - 10 February 1939

*Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto- Pope Pius X- 4 August 1903 - 20 August 1914- He introduced changes and reforms on a number of levels when he thought they would either improve the Church or expand the Church's influence.

*Eugenio Maria/Giuseppe Giovanni- Pope Pius XII-2 March 1939 - 9 October 1958

*Angelo Giuseppe/Roncalli- Pope John XXIII- Opened Second Vatican Council; sometimes called "Good Pope John"- 28 October 1958 - 3 June 1963

*Giovanni Battista Montini- Pope Paul VI- became the first pope to visit six continents, and was the most travelled pope in history to that time, earning the nickname "the Pilgrim Pope"- 21 June 1963- 6 August 1978

*Albino Luciani- Pope John Paul I- John Paul I was the first Pope to have been born in the 20th century, reigned as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and as Sovereign of Vatican City from 26 August 1978 until his death 33 days later. His reign is among the shortest in papal history,26 August 1978- 28 September 1978


*San Antonio
*San Francesco
*San Benedetto
*Santa Chiara
*Santa Caterina


*Lisa Lampanelli- Watch her on Celebrity Roasts, Funny
*Artie Lange- On the Howard Stern show and One Funny Person
*Ray Romano- Can't forget about him
*Jay Leno


*Amedeo Pietro Giannini founder of the Bank of America
*Giogrio Armani- Fashion Designer that founded the Giorgio Armani S.p.A. company.
*Silvio Berlusconi- Prime Minister of Italy and wealthy businessman.

*Great Italian/Roman Leaders and Emperors:*

*Julius Caesar- Was the Greatest General who ever lived!
*Augustus- Considered the Most Beloved and Wisest Roman Emperor.
*Benito Mussolini- Il Duce of Italy from 1922 to 1943
*Napoleon Bonaparte-Considered one of the Greatest Conquerors of All Time!
*Giuseppe Garibaldi- Brought the Unification of Italy from North to South. "Hero of the Two Worlds"
*Lorenzo di Medici- Lorenzo the Magnificent, was the most famous Medici, made Florence the most powerful state in Italy and led it to its highest flowering. Many Renaissance artists worked at his court, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.


*Cristoforo Colombo AKA Christopher Columbus- Discovered the Americas in 1492, Took an ITALIAN to discover the Americas,
*Amerigo Vespucci
*Marco Polo
*Giovanni Caboto
*Giovanni da Verrazzano


*Ferruccio Lamborghini- Name explains all as well as the others.
*Enzo Ferrari
*Alfieri Maserati
*Ettore Maserati
*Bindo Maserati
*Ernesto Maserati
*Nicola Romeo
*Ettore Bugatti
*Adriano Ducati
*Marcello Ducati
*Bruno Ducati


*Niccolò Machiavelli
*Dante Alighieri
*Salvatore Quasimodo
*Giovanni Boccaccio
*Francesco Petrarca
* Ludovico Ariosto
*Torquato Tasso

*The Great Artists of Italy:*

*Leonardo da Vinci
*Beato Angelico
*Umberto Boccioni
*Sandro Botticelli
*Il Bronzino
*Michelangelo Buonarroti
*Giovanni Canaletto
*M. Caravaggio
*Giorgio De Chirico
*Orazio & Artemisia Gentileschi
*Alberto Giacometti
*Giorgio Giorgione
*Giotto Di Bondone
*Fra Filippo Lippi
*Bernardino Luini
*Marino Marini
*Amedeo Modigliani
*Dante Rossetti
*Giovanni Tiepolo
*Paolo Uccello
*Raphaello Santi
*Sandro Botticelli
*Antonio Canova


*Anemometer-Leon Battista Alberti 1450
*Ball Bearings- Leonardo da Vinci 16th Century
*Barometer- Evangelista Torricelli 1643
*Bobbin-Leonardo da Vinci 15th/16th Century
*Carbon Paper- Pellegrino Turri 1806
*Cologne- Johann Maria Farina 1709
*Condom -Gabriele Fallopio 1564
*Double Entry Accounting- Amatino Manucci 14th Century
*Electric Battery- Alessandro Volta 1800
*Electromagnetic Seismograph- Luigi Palmieri 1856
*Electroplating- Luigi V. Brugnatelli 1805
*Espresso Machine- Achille Gaggia 1946
*Eyeglasses- Salvino Armati 1280
*Hydrofoil -Enrico Forlanini 1900
*Hydrostatic Balance -Galileo Galilei 1596?
*Ice Cream Cone- Italo Marcioni 1896
*Internal combustion engine -Eugenio Barsanti 1854
*Liposuction- Giorgio Fischer 1974
*Microprocessor- Federico Faggin 1970-1971
*MPEG (Father of the MP3)-
Leonardo Chiariglione Started in 1988
*Nitroglycerin- Ascanio Sobrero 1846
*Nuclear Reactor- Enrico Fermi 1942
*Parachute- Leonardo da Vinci 1480
*Piano- Bartolomeo Cristofori 1709
*Telephone- Antonio Meucci 1871
*Thermometer- Galileo Galilei 1593
*Three-way Light Bulb -Alessandro Dandini 20th Century
*Typewriter- Pellegrino Turri 1808
*Universal Joint- Girolamo Cardano 1545
*Wheel Lock- Leonardo da Vinci 16th Century
*Wireless Telegraphy- Guglielmo Marconi 1896
*Vermouth- Antonio Benedetto Carpano 1786
*Zamboni Frank J. Zamboni 1949
*Giulio Natta 1903-1979 Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1963 - Polietilene and Polypropylene Inventor

Causes of the Italian mass Emigration:

By the year 1871, 400,000 Italians had emigrated, but this number was to be increased. In the 1870, 20,000 Italians emigrated per year. But, people attracted by the promises of successful lives in America came to form a mass emigration with 205,000 emigrants a year by 1888. In 1891, as much as
1,5 million Italians lived abroad in the hope of successful futures.
And many more continued to arrive to the land of many promises.
Initially, most emigrants hailed from Northern Italy. However, as time passed, the south became the place of origin for most emigrants. With this shift also came an increase in those leaving the nation. Between 1898 and 1914, approximately 750,000 Italians emigrated each year. From 1906 to
1915, as much as 2 million Italians emigrated. The reasons for the mass emigration of the Italians were many, and there were differences in reasons that made people emigrate from the south and north of Italy.
However, it is known that the standard of living became worse in the whole of Italy between 1870 and 1900, especially on the countryside. Diseases and starvation were the main causes of migration. Food had become the biggest cost for an Italian family. Many peasant families spent about 75 % of their money on food. Despite the high cost, this food often times failed
to even contain enough nutrition to sustain a person. In the North, the population suffered from pellagra, a disease which often resulted in insanity and death, whereas in the south, fatal malaria plagued the nation's residents. At first, malaria only struck in the coastal areas, but this changed as deforestation, erosion and flooding enabled the malaria to spread. The conditions which people endured in these areas were unbelievable as 2 million Italians died each year. To make matters worse,
the agricultural system of Italy was not modernised, and there was little hope of improving the situation. Even so, some regions enjoyed extended railroads, which allowed peasants living in the areas around the railroads to concentrate on a single crop and allowed them to export it, as well.
However, the railroads were not powerful enough to noticeably reduce the number of people that emigrated to the U.S. Another important factor in the emigration of the Italians, was the agricultural crisis that Italy suffered in the 1880s. During this time, Italian agriculture was hurt by the increasing amount of products from America that invaded Italian markets. The price of wheat and other products fell, and unemployment
increased as landowners and peasants no longer could profitably trade. Many northern Italians, who probably suffered most from the crisis, didn’t see any other alternative than to emigrate. In the 1890s many southern Italians also started to emigrate due to economic troubles. Also leading to the great numbers of Italian emigrants was a lack of democracy (few Italians had the right to vote) and a low literacy rate. Italian emigration was assisted greatly through improved transportation by steamships and cheap railroads. As the journey became easier, few people hesitated to leave the country where they had been born.