ORDER SONS OF ITALY IN AMERICA – Mercer County Lodge 2799

General Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2010


The General Meeting of the OSIA Mercer County Lodge was called to order at 7:13 PM on 11/8/10 at the Hamilton Library.

Present: Umberto (Al) Parrotta – President, Marc Neglia – Vice President, Maria Ferris – Recording Secretary, Cynthia Genovese – Treasurer, Janet Parrotta – Trustee, Donna-Maria Ratico – Trustee, John Ratico – Trustee

Linda Serafine and Loretta Serafine were in attendance.

All stood, faced the American Flag and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Cindy read the Salute to the Italian Flag in Italian.

A.      Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the 10/25/10 General Meeting were distributed and approved. Al said that the minutes from future meetings will be available on the website.

B.      Treasurer’s Report

Cindy read the treasurer’s report. The bank account balance is $3054.66. Marc and Cindy will go to the bank and sign signature cards.

C.      Old Business

·       Al and Janet told us about the wine tasting at Laurita Winery and felt it was a successful event. The intention is to make this an annual, fall occurrence.

D.      Membership

·       Marc informed us that there were 29 paid members. One person paid dues this evening bringing the total to 30 members in this lodge.

E.       Open Business

·       Al discussed the possibility of this lodge having a private wine label. This was briefly discussed at the wine tasting. It was a very large place that accommodated more than one event at a time. The owner of the winery hadnt done this before but was open to further discussions.

·       The Regalia were left home by mistake.

·       The December General Meeting will be held at the 12/5/10 Christmas party at Massimo’s. The cost per person will be $27.00 and is BYOB. The will be a choice of chicken or fish. The time is pending. The 12/13/10 scheduled General meeting at the library will be cancelled.

·       A calendar of events is on the website.

·       La Befana will be on 1/8/11 at the Lakeside Civic Center at 3:00 PM.

·       The goal of the lodge is to combine meetings with events.

·       Janet asked Cindy to look into getting the woman from the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum Speaker’s Bureau who has a presentation on the Malocchio for a possible 2/16/11 meeting. Cindy has her contact information from the MCIAF.

·       Al suggested the Golf outing for May and the Bocce tournament for June. The summer picnic was asked about and could possibly be combined with one of these events. Donna-Maria may assist with the picnic.

D.      New Business

·       Donna-Maria offered to take on public relations responsibilities.

·       The Easter egg hunt was asked about. The lodge needs to find out the number of children likely to attend.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM and was followed by coffee and dessert.

Minutes submitted by:                      Maria Ferris