General Meeting, Installation of Officers

Hamilton Library

October 25, 2010



Present: Umberto (Al) Parrotta – President, Marc Neglia – Vice-President, Maria Ferris – Recording Secretary, Cynthia Genovese – Treasurer, Janet Parrotta – Trustee, Donna-Maria Ratico – Trustee, John Ratico – Trustee, State President, Tom Bergbauer, State  1st Vice-President, Lou Santoro


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM.


A sign-in sheet was passed around for those in attendance to sign.


Al introduced NJ State Grand Lodge President, Tom Bergbauer and NJ State Grand Lodge Vice-President, Lou Santoro.


Tom made opening remarks. He mentioned the installation of officers usually takes place in March of even years. The Sons of Italy is 105 years old and the state Grand Lodge will be 100 years old in 2011.


Tom introduced Lou who was the herald for the ceremony to install officers.


The officers and trustees were called to the front of the room and installed.


Al’s remarks to those in attendance were as follows:

·       The board has had 3 meetings so far.

·       He would like recommendations from members re: programs and he thinks members will find the board receptive to their thoughts.

·       Events in the near future include a wine tasting at Laurita Vineyards November 6th, a possible Christmas party in December and La Befana in January. Flyers were passed around for the vineyard event.

·       A new website is under construction. The website has a meeting listed for January 10, 2011 at the library. That is incorrect. There will be no meeting at the library on January 10th.


Marc made remarks re: membership. He asked those present who haven’t been contacted by him previously to give him correct contact information.


Someone from the audience asked about dues for 2010. No dues were collected in 2010. We have no official membership forms yet for new members but contact information should still be given to Marc.


Al gave Cindy bank statements to disclose the bank balance to members which is $3,054.00.

Our lodge had a table at the MCIAF and about 24 people were interested in joining.


Someone asked if our meetings were going to be held at the library. Most of our meetings will be held at the library. It’s the goal of the lodge to make the meetings more social.


Most communication to members will be made via email. If members don’t have email they will receive information by mail. Most meetings will be on Mondays.


Student dues and family membership are possibilities. Involvement by young people is important for the continuation of the organization. Advertising in high schools and colleges was suggested. Al plans to reach out to schools.


Tom’s remarks included:

·       Membership is the most important thing right now. Talk to family and friends and those who use to be members but may have dropped out.

·       Continue the scholarship program. The Grand Lodge offers free membership for a year to their scholarship winners.

·       A portion of the dues collected goes to the national organization. This organization has a voice. For example, the National Executive Director was the Vice-President, Joe Biden’s home. $300,000 was donated to earthquake ravaged, L’Aquila to rebuild a home for autistic children. Members also receive the national magazine, ItalianAmerica. New Jersey is the 5th largest Grand Lodge in the country.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM and was followed by dessert.


Respectfully submitted,

Maria Ferris